This is What Democracy Looks Like Silkscreen Print
(This is What Democracy Looks Like)

This is What Democracy Looks Like

A two color (neon orange and black) hand-pulled silkscreen print on archival recycled Canson Bristol with all materials purchased at Artist and Craftsman Supply located in Station North, Baltimore. Signed edition measuring 11 inches by 14 inches.
Only $40 postpaid with 100% profit (excluding shipping costs) going to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake. Less than 10 remaining! Keep in mind this is a hand pulled print and thus there will be slight variations in each print in terms of registration and print clarity which I fully embrace as the artist.

This is What Democracy Looks Like

artist statement

On Friday, May 1st, I participated in a large protest march in Baltimore City. Baltimore has always had a special place in my heart and been a great influence on my life. I went to Baltimore that evening to lend my voice to the people of Baltimore and to find personal meaning following the events surrounding the tragic death of Freddie Gray.

What began as a small protest in front of City Hall ended up as a massive peaceful march through the streets of West Baltimore with people of all ages and color marching and chanting as one. The words on this poster are from one of those chants in which a young African American girl yelled at the top of her lungs while marching, Tell me what Democracy Looks Like, and then we in the crowd yelled back, This is what Democracy looks like! While shouting and hearing this chant I was caught off guard by the strong emotions it produced in me. The freedom of peaceful assembly is an amazing right especially when exercised alongside others that you have never met and will likely never meet again.

The image on this poster is based on a photograph I took while marching at the intersection of North and Penn, ground zero for the violent protests of April 25th. At this point in the protest, vehicles had stopped and the drivers had taken to the roofs of their cars in solidarity with the protesters below. Seeing what I presumed to be father and son with arms raised clarified in my mind the route to the positive transformation of Baltimore. Unfortunately, many young children in Baltimore do not have positive role models in their lives. As a father and public school teacher, I understand the importance of developing positive relationships with my children and my students.

For me, this poster captures not only the importance of mentorship but also the true spirit of American Democracy I was so fortunate to have witnessed that evening. My silkscreen poster, designed as an homage to the Baltimore Globe Poster Company style, was created in the month of May 2015, to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake with 100% of the funds raised going to directly to the organization. The problems in Baltimore are complicated and not easily fixed. However, I can only hope that by doing my small share; I can be part of the solution that will make living and working in Baltimore better for all.

Jeff Sharp
May 31, 2015



A limited numbered edition (only 50 made) comic featuring the robots of Houcksville and their crazy antics. 2.5"x4" with saddle stitch binding. 16 pages of black and white content on aged paper with a Gocco stamped chipboard and Dennison mailing label cover.
Only $5 postpaid!



Set in West Virginia during the late 1930's, Coal is series of ongoing short stories about working the Grant Town mine. 5"x7.25" with saddle stitch binding. 12 pages of black and white content with a Gocco coal miner's helmet graphic printed with genuine West Virginia coal pigment.
Only $4 postpaid!

(First Semester)


Eighty pages of gag panels that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Available now from this site in either green or blue (please specify color), squarebound.
And yes, these things really happened in my classroom! All of this for a mere $5.00 postpaid. 5x4.25 inches with square binding

(Flummery 2001)


The 2001 anthology of comic shorts by Jeff Sharp, Scott Mills. Special guest artists include: Matt Feazell, James Kochalka, and Todd Webb. 80 pages of mini-comic madness with a new GOCCO wrap around cover. A true classic for only $6 postpaid. Get it now! 5x5 inches with square binding




A plastic cricket clicker that will surely amuse or annoy all. Comes with a hand printed, 3-color GOCCO package.
Only $10 postpaid!


(Protect Your Eyes)


A gorgeous 2 color hand-pulled silkscreen on chipboard (pictured) or metallic silver. Signed and numbered edition of 55. 10 inches by 8 inches. Only $10 postpaid!

(Caesar the Lizard Print)


A five color hand-pulled silkscreen print of Caesar the Lizard printed on handmade Tibetan paper. Signed and numbered edition of 35. 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Only $10 postpaid!

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